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Patrick Webster-2
Hi list,

Some time ago I was faced with the task of testing a newly deployed
anti-malware solution for a corporate enterprise with 20,000+

We wanted to check whether overtly malicious content would reach the
desktop browser. If it was detected and blocked, where? (e.g. ISA
proxies, URL content filters, SSL inspection, IDS/IPS, firewall HTTP
inspection policy, web inline antivirus, IE/firefox/chrome blacklists
or desktop antivirus).

Rather than testing a live malware infected website, we created
http://www.wicar.org/ to remove the uncertainty in the event none of
the implemented security controls had prevented the [unknown] payload
reaching the desktop.

There is a mailing list
(https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wicar) and git
(https://github.com/wicar) if anyone wishes to contribute.


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